From Jostedal Glacier to Hardanger

From Jostedal Glacier to Hardanger

This spectacular 5 hours excursion is for those of you interested in that little extra.

This amazing tour will show you some of the most spectacular areas that Norway has to offer.
After flying over Jostedal’s wild glaciers you will proceed to Hardanger to enjoy a lovely champagne lunch at Hotell Ullensvang, followed by sightseeing over the Hardanger Fjord area.


  • Stryn heliport
  • Nordfjord (eastern part), Jostedals Glacier & Myklebust Glacier
  • Fjærlandsfjorden
  • Sognefjorden
  • Nærøyfjorden
  • Voss
  • Lunch at Hotell Ullensvang
  • Hardangerfjorden
  • Hardanger Jøkulen
  • Folgefonna Glacier
  • Stryn heliport

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